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Dermalogica Makeup Summer Tips

What are the first few images that pop up in your mind when you hear the word summer? I think it’s safe to assume you’d be thinking about the sun first of all. Whatever you have in mind, one thing’s sure and that is you’ll be loading up on a lot of Vitamin D. Before that, don’t get caught out there without looking your sunny best with Dermalogica makeup.

We all know the effects the sun’s UV rays have on our skin. Our most prominent and exposed organ is there to protect us from harmful elements, including the sun. However, we often fail to understand its needs and, quite often than not, tend to abuse it just to get that talked about tan, which always adds a notch to our beauty. What we don’t realise is in order to attain beauty, we sacrifice something else: health. Healthy skin has a natural radiance that everyone associates with beauty. How do we keep our skin healthy and still look our best despite the sun’s UV bombardment?

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Dermalogica offers a very effective defensive system against the sun and other environmental assaults.


          Protection 50 Sport SPF 50

Your day’s defense should start before any UV rays hit your skin. Not only does the UV cause skin cancer, but it causes wrinkles, age spots and sunburn. All of these are contributing factors for skin aging.

The Protection 50 Sport SPF 50 has wholeosome microspheres that counteract the loss of skin moisture, which keeps the skin hydrated, and enhance SPF attributes. As this light-weight formula binds moisture to skin and aids in neutralizing any damage, it does not leave you with a greasy feeling. This also has a 40-minute resistance to water.

  • It is recommended that it be used daily for any type of weather
  • Apply it liberally 15 minutes before exposing your skin to the sun or outdoor environment.
  • Take additional care on frequently-exposed areas of your skin such as your hands.
  • Apply regularly or reapply as needed, especially after swimming.

30        After Sun Repair


It can’t be helped that you tend to forget the first protection especially when you get carried away with all the summer’s fun. Hence, the After Sun Repair has been designed to compensate for that.

This is a cooling balm that instantly provides a soothing relief and aids in repairing any skin damage due to overexposure to UV. It effectively reduces the itchiness brought about by sunburn. This is also perfect for soothing waxed areas. As it cools the burning sensation, it also significantly reduces the redness caused by the wax removal.


Beleze Skin & Body Care Solutions ( is a company dedicated to spreading the great health benefits of Dermalogica makeup. They facilitate Skype consultation sessions between clients and the skin care professionals of Dermalogica as well as take care of orders and purchases. In line with their belief that beauty comes from within rather than outward makeup application, they also offer other related products from other tried and tested brands on their website.

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5 Make-up and fashion tips to make your eyes sparkle

When it comes to makeup, a lot of women strive to achieve that sparkling eyes, because they know that a pair of sparkling eyes is the key to achieve the glowing, wide awake look they want. If you are one of these women, following these easy 5 make-up and fashion tips will make your eyes sparkle in no time!

  1. Apply eyeshadow (only to your lidfor this step).

After you have done your eyebrows your usual way, start working on your eyelids and apply eyeshadow. It is important that the colour of youreyeshow matches your skin tone and enhances the colour of your iris to enliven your eyes and bring out the mostdramatic effects.

If you have cool skin tone and the colour of your eyes are blue, green or haze, eyeshadowcolours gold, bronze, copper, yellow-beige, and peach will be great for your eyes. If you have warm skin tone and the colour of your eyes are hazel, dark or light brown, eyeshadow colours bronze, peach, purple, navy, teal, and green will be great for your eyes. Try Napoleon PerdisPrismtaicEyeshadow quad, an eye shadow with four different colours in one palette to suit all skin tones and styles.

Once you have chosen the best eyeshadow colour to use, apply it in a way that it doesn’t reach your eyebrows. Then proceed to step 2.

  1. Apply a highlight colour to the inner corners and waterline of your eyes.

Apply a highlight colour to the inner corners and waterline of your eyes. The highlight colour dependson the colour of your eyes. For example: if you have brown eyes, vibrant blue is a good colour. If you have blue eyes, shimmering black and brown colours are safe colours.

Once you have chosen the best highlighter colour for you to use, apply it to your inner corners in a way that it will appear as a soft highlight. This means, you must avoid applying too much colour. Just enough to add shimmer to your eyes. For your waterline, use an eye liner pencil. Light brown eyeliner pencil is the safest colour to use here.

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  1. Apply mascara to lengthen and thicken your eyelashes.

Apply mascara on both top and bottom eye lashes. Use smaller wand with lots of teeth bound close together to reach the lash roots and extend lashes as much as possible. Use black mascara to promote more natural look. Try Napoleon Perdis Long Black Mascara, a blackmascara that offers exceptional volume, superb-length, and great bounce without clumping and smudging.

  1. Apply eyeshadow to your crease.

Apply eyeshadow to your crease to create a much more well-defined eye. When applying, apply it in a way that it extends above your natural crease line. Use a brown or light brown eyeshadowcolour to try to mimic the natural colour of your crease for more natural appeal.

  1. Instead of eyeliner, use a brown eyeshadow to add some life to your bottom lash.

This is tricky, but if you can succeed, it will really make a natural, wider look for your eyes which is important to achieve sparkling eyes.

After you’ve done all five steps, all you need is to smile to make your sparkling eye makeup work. Eyes sparkle better when you smile.

For more make-up and fashion tips to make your eyes sparkle, visit

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The Benefits of Using ASAP Facial Skin Cleanser

Comes with the highest quality of active ingredients- Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Antioxidants, ASAP Daily Facial Skin Cleanser gently cleanses, rejuvenates, corrects, and soothes the skin without customers having to spend much more than what they can afford. ASAP Daily Facial cleanser is simple, affordable, and effective just like the rest of ASAP Skin care products.

ASAP Daily Facial Skin Cleanser

Unlike most skin cleansers in the market, this ASAP skin cleanser is proven to be effective in clearing up facial skin off impurities that cause breakouts, dull skin, uneven skin, blackheads and whiteheads. All thanks to its Alpha Hydroxy acids and antioxidants which work together to repair and protect skin cells from the damages of free radicals in the body and the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids in Skin Cleanser

AHAs are known for their rejuvenating effects- which mean they retexturize or resurface the outermost layers of the skin by dissolving dead skin cells, completely revealing the new layers of skin underneath the old ones. With new layers of skin, the result is younger and evenly pigmented skin.

Our cleanser contains AHAs, and the use of products with AHAs can increase the elasticity of the skin, helping to plump out wrinkles and fine lines. It removes dead layers of skin, making wrinkles appear less pronounced. It can also break apart the bonds that make sun-damaged skin appear leathery and dry. The result is smoother, younger-looking skin.

Antioxidants in Skin Cleanser

Antioxidants are nutrients found in many foods including vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains. They have the ability to fight off free radicals that destroy healthy skin cells causing skin aging. Unlike sunscreens and moisturizers, antioxidants can protect your skin from the inside out by guarding your cells from damage.

Aside from the benefits of its active ingredients, ASAP Daily facial cleanser–

– Gently cleanses the skin. Its ingredients are active, yet work gently on the skin: doesn’t break skin and doesn’t cause irritation.
– Removes make-up (including eye make-up). It takes off eye makeup so well too which saves buying eye makeup remover.
– Washes away impurities in one action, without drying or irritating the skin.
– Eliminates the need for toner. It has peeling effects that saves user from using a toner to reveal more even skin tone.
– Doesn’t clog pores as it is a non-pore clogging formula. AHAs are smaller than those of its sister compound, BHAs, allowing them to penetrate the skin more deeply and quickly.
– Leaves skin feeling fresh and clean after every wash.

Learn more about ASAP Daily Facial Skin Cleanser from, an authorised skin and body care solutions store by ASAP to deliver its products to Australian customers at competitive prices.